Serpent and Void

Game Recap 04 MAR 2017

Game Recap 04 MAR 2017


Graeme – Sandy the Ranger (Dhari)
Mick – Thaco the Barbarian (Nimothan)
Liam – Koen the Warrior (Nimothan)
Damon – Bubbles the Bard (Atlantean)
Luke – Ezikal the Wizard (Dhari)
Wal – Guntha the Cleric (Nimothan)


Argos Rivek – Atlanean Noble – Merchant
Helena Rivek – Wife of Argos
Rilic Rivek – Eldest son of Argos
Sanic Rivek- Daughter of Argos
Micos Rivek- Youngest son of Argos
Darios – Centurion (low Atlantean soldier) in the service of Argos
Manbui – Agos's personal chef (Kalayan)
Abegus – Merchant from Ikath (Kalayan)
Tinli – Micos's companion (whipping boy) (Dhari)


The party started on the docks of Argos.

They met Koen and Sandy.
Koen and Thaco collected questionable goods from a boat.
Ezikal went a little crazy and Sandy made a shiny gold coin.
Party traveled with the injured Micos to Rivek Manor south of of the small settlement of Gurajem.
Argos Rivek agreed to host a feast in their honor but requested they find some local delicacies.
Micos began shock and awe therapy assisted by his muse Bubbles and Mystic Ezikal.
After braving bears, watching a man eaten alive by a crocodile, seeing Thaco die again and again.
The party found the food for the feast and saved Thaco from becoming a cannibal takeaway.
Traveling back to Rivek Manor the party was kept awake all night by Thaco who moaned about the loss of his hammer.

Defeated 1 Short-faced Bear, 2 Crocodiles, 10  Tcho-Tcho Cannibals and their leader.
Experience average was 716 exp per player.


Sanity checks

Last game the party lucked out as I neglected to request Sanity checks during the Tcho-Tcho Cannibals attack.

To clarify you will be asked to make Sanity rolls, failure could result in a loss of Sanity and temporary madness.

Where the player has been exposed to a similar experience AT THE GM's DIGRESSION the roll may have advantage and/or the DC may be easier.

BUT just because you have seen a zombie does NOT make you immune, just more resilient.

Instantaneous spells

Last game saw the effective use of an instantaneous spell to defeat the Tcho-Tcho Cannibal leader.

While the spell works as stated I thought it best to remind spell casters that UNLESS it has a duration it only lasts for the round. Given the creatures cowardly tendencies (and late hour) it worked, this time.

But in reality it could have returned the following round to rejoin the fight.

Just a heads up.

Inter-party combat

As we have new players and veterans from some old school gaming I thought it best to issue the following warning for the benefit of the new players.

Players might and probably will clash, this might just be verbal. Or it could be suxxy like "Hey guardsman look he stole the gold" OR it could be direct like 'I stab him with my sword, roll initiative fool!' 


To avoid this I suggest you use cunning and subterfuge ie Don't say 'I take the gold', instead make it clear to the GM you do so using cunning and subterfuge.

That is unless you happen to be a large troll with the magical axe of ass kicking in which case you say "I take the gold" while glaring at the other players daring them to say or do something.


If direct combat happens don't look to the GM for protection you, NOPE look to the other players or NPC's who you have hopefully cemented as friends / allies.

Because as Danny Mcbride said in 'Your Highness' : Thadeous: You making a fool of yourself? Handle your shit, Fabious. Please!'



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