Serpent and Void

Game Recap 11 FEB 2017

Game Recap 11 FEB 2017

Damon – Bubbles the Bard
Luke – Ezikal the Wizard
Wal – Guntha the Cleric
Ash – Hordak the Rogue
Mick – Thaco the Barbarian

Started in the trade port of Argos named after the merchant who founded it.


Lisic the 9 fingered – Inn keeper
Argos Rivek – Atlanean Noble – Merchant
Helena Rivek – Wife of Argos
Rilic Rivek – Eldest son of Argos
Sanic Rivek- Daughter of Argos
Micos Rivek- Youngest son of Argos
Darios – Centurion (low Atlantean soldier) in the service of Argos

The party met on the docks.
Bubbles befriended Micos and Guntha clashed with Darios's legionaries (low Atlantean soldiers) during a trade meeting.
Lisic loss a finger due to a mysterious cooking accident.
The party agreed to help find Micos when he became lost after a Kyr (Headhunters) attack.
Defeated 3 Kyr, a small 'tactical' snake, 2 wight zombies and a lesser wight.
Experience average was 225 exp per player.



Experience to advance in D&D 5e is lower. In 5e 2nd level requires 300 exp and 900 for 3rd level. Compared to 3.5 which requires 2nd level at 1000 and 3000 for 3rd level.

When adventurers defeat one or more monsters-typically by killing, routing, or capturing them-they divide the total XP value of the monsters evenly among themselves.
If the party received substantial assistance from one or more NPCs, count those NPCs as party members when dividing up the XP.
(Because the NPCs made the fight easier, individual characters receive fewer XP.) DMG p260

So a zombie is worth 50xp and this is divided between ALL PC's who assist. IF you think a PC is not pulling their weight and leeching exp, take it up with the PC!


Character Class and Literacy: You can assume that all player characters can speak Low Atlantean and their own native language.

The ability to read and write is far less common in Thule than in more advanced settings.

To determine whether your character is literate, consult the table below and roll an Intelligence check after you select your character class.

Table 2–1: Character Class and Literacy PTCG p43

Class              Intelligence check DC

Barbarian           DC 20

Bard                    DC 5

Cleric                  DC 5

Druid                  DC 15

Fighter                DC 15

Ranger                DC 15

Rogue                 DC 15

Warlock             DC 10


We almost saw a death on the first game. Combat is very nasty now and a death is VERY likely. Exp is harder to come by and healing limited.
Players invest time and energy in PC's but any move could be their last.

The setting is designed to test veteran players, not frustrate. But it is NOT forgotten realms nor a Monty Haul campaign full of magic items and raise dead's.
There are rewards both tangible and intangible for those who participate and succeed.

While I GM without bias and apply the rules that are appropriate for the game, the dice are fickle and some rules are harsh.
So as a friendly reminder I will quote the 1st Edition Dungeon Masters Guide, the GM is the 'creator and FINAL arbiter' for rules.

Till next time



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